Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning Specialists in Pembroke Pines

Gold Star Cleaning is the bathroom tile and grout cleaning specialists in Pembroke Pines. With over 25 years of service to the community we have developed a reputation for fast, professional, long lasting tile and grout cleaning and exceptional customer service.

If you are a Pembroke Pines homeowner or business and your bathrooms’ floors and walls are looking dull and dingy, cleaning them yourself can be a futile and frustrating exercise. Commercial cleaners, even the ones that professional janitorial services use, simply don’t have the right tools.

You need cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated for the type of tile and grout in your bathrooms. Grout is a porous material that actually absorbs dirt and grime trapping it deep inside. Mopping isn’t effective and in fact can encourage the grout to absorb the dirty water. Our specially blended solutions are designed to loosen the grime, soap scum and mold allowing them to be removed with a vigorous scrubbing and vacuuming.

At Gold Star Cleaning that “vigorous scrubbing and vacuuming” come from our state-of-the-art truck mounted cleaning system. In the hands of our trained technician, the Gold Star Cleaning system becomes a one swipe tile and grout cleaner. Steaming hot water, rotating scrubbing heads and a powerful vacuum combine to lift up and evacuate the grime leaving your tile and grout looking like the day it was first installed.

Tile will hold up remarkably well over the years but the same cannot be said for grout. Sometimes grout becomes so stained by grime and soap scum that it simply can’t be cleaned. In those instances our trained technician can cut out the damaged grout and replace it with new. If you have colored grout, all of our trucks carry a wide inventory of colored grout and we can match yours perfectly.

The Complete Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

There’s a reason why Gold Star Cleaning continues to be a “go to” service for tile and grout cleaning as well as other materials like marble, terrazzo, carpeting, leather and even oriental rugs. Yes we have the technology and experienced personnel but the real key to our success is our unswerving commitment to superior customer care.

We guarantee our work. We are not happy unless you are happy! Call us today and we will be delighted to give you a competitive quote and schedule an appointment.