Professional Cleaning of Kitchen Tile and Grout in Your Weston Home

In Weston, when it’s time for kitchen tile and grout cleaning it’s time to call the specialists at Gold Star Cleaning. We have been providing professional cleaning services to Weston and surrounding communities for over 25 years and have earned a reputation as the go to service for all the tile and grout flooring, walls, splash backs and counters in your home.

Kitchen tile and grout surfaces can be exceptionally difficult to get truly clean because of the porous nature of grout which absorbs and traps dirt, grime and kitchen spills. Ordinary household cleaners and mopping simply are not up to the task of “unlocking” the grime in the grout. If you want to clean your tile and grout yourself you are in for a lot of scrubbing on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and no guarantee that your physically demanding effort will yield the results you want.

There’s a Better Way to turn your Kitchen Tile and Grout into the Gleaming Surface it was when it was New!

Of all the spaces in your house you want the kitchen, the place where you prepare food for your family, to be spotless. The only way to truly clean your kitchen tile and grout surfaces, guaranteed, is to have the professionals at Gold Star Cleaning do the job. Here’s what we bring to your home:

  • An experienced technician who can analyze your tile and grout and select the commercial cleaning solution that is most appropriate.
  • A “green” tile and grout cleaning solution that will unlock the grease and grime located deep in the grout.
  • A powerful, state-of-the-art truck mounted cleaning system that will provide the scrubbing action and vacuuming required to return your surfaces to a “like new” condition.
  • Any damaged or severely stained grout will be professionally removed and replaced by the technician.
  • The entire surface will have a professional sealant applied to protect your tile and grout for years to come.

Think about it for a moment. No muss, no fuss, no scrubbing. You can have a gleaming kitchen by making a single call to book an appointment. Call us today and we will be delighted to give you a competitive quote and schedule a date.