The Premiere Marble Cleaning Company Serving Pembroke Pines

When homeowners and businesses in Pembroke Pines need marble cleaning services they call the most experienced, best trained and equipped company in the area…they call Gold Star Cleaning Services. With an owner who learned the marble cleaning trade in Sicily, Italy and a staff of experienced technicians, Gold Star Cleaning Services have become the go-to company for marble cleaning in Pembroke Pines.

While marble is a beautiful flooring material and very popular in upscale homes and commercial buildings in Pembroke Pines, it is also susceptible to easy staining and scratching. Cleaning and caring for marble is not the same as cleaning tile, laminate and other conventional flooring materials. Marble needs a gentle touch.

In fact flooring experts highly recommend that marble floors be professionally cleaned and polished annually (more frequently in high traffic commercial spaces) to protect the stone and to keep its deep, lustrous appearance. When it’s time for you to consider a professional marble cleaning service it’s time to consider calling Gold Star Cleaning Services.

Commitment to Excellence

The big reason for Gold Star’s success with marble cleaning is its commitment to thoroughly train and equip its technicians before they are ever sent on a marble cleaning project. Because marble has a high calcium content it is easily scratched and can be quickly stained by natural acids like those found in fruit and vegetable drinks. Cleaning marble correctly takes patience, a practiced eye, and a gentle touch. When the Gold Star technician arrives at your home or business you can be assured he has all three.

The first step in restoring your marble floors is going after the stains and etching. We use a resin diamond to accomplish this task. Removing the everyday dirt and grime requires cleaning with a 5X compound and a through rinse. Finally a polish that is specially formulated for marble is applied and buffed to a high gleam. In short…your marble looks like new.

Your marble flooring is expensive and you want to protect it. In Pembroke Pines that means having the professionals at Gold Star clean and polish your floors at least once a year.

Call us at 800-940-4782 and we will be delighted to answer your questions and provide you with a competitive quote.