Marble Cleaning Weston

Goldstar Cleaning is an experienced provider of professional marble cleaning in Weston and throughout South Florida. Our company has been in business in the Fort Lauderdale area for over 25 years, and our owner/operator is a master craftsman who trained in Italy. We’ve been cleaning South Florida’s finest marble floors for 15 years, using only the most advanced, marble-safe cleaners and compounds, the latest equipment and the top floor-cleaning technicians in the region. Goldstar specializes in both large and small jobs polishing, restoring, cleaning and maintaining valuable marble floors in municipal buildings, office buildings, elegant homes and more.

In order to keep them beautiful and strong, you need to have your marble floors professionally cleaned and polished on a regular basis – generally once every year. Otherwise, the wear and tear on your floor will leave it dull and lifeless looking. However, because marble is such a valuable material, remember that not just any cleaner will do. Protect your investment by hiring a cleaning company with extensive marble experience that offers a guarantee of satisfaction. Goldstar Cleaners has been in the professional floor cleaning business for decades, and we guarantee every job we do.

Marble Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Goldstar’s marble floor cleaning system begins with the application of a resin diamond to the surface of your marble floors to remove stains, scratches and holes. We clean deep into the pores of your floor with a 5X compound that is powerful enough to remove ground in dirt, but gentle enough to protect your floors. The last step is a liquid polish application to leave your floor shiny and new-looking.

To schedule an appointment to clean, restore or polish your marble floors, call the professionals at Goldstar Cleaning at 1-800-940-4782M.