Boca Raton’s Masters of Marble Cleaning

When you need expert care cleaning marble floors in Boca Raton you need the marble specialists from Gold Star Cleaning Service.

Marble flooring is absolutely beautiful and it’s not surprising that it is a popular choice for upscale homes, businesses and municipal buildings in Boca Raton. However, as strong and durable as marble appears, it has a high calcium content making it susceptible to stains and etching from everyday items as common as acidic fruit drinks or a grain of sand.

Marble flooring is not indestructible.

Experts recommend that your marble floors be professionally cleaned at least once a year to ensure they retain that mirror like finish. When the time comes to call an outside service, make certain they have the experience, equipment and materials required to safely restore your marble floors.

Or you can make the whole process less time consuming and just call Gold Star Cleaning, the premiere marble cleaners in Boca Raton.

Perfect Marble Cleaning Requires Knowledge, Experience and the Right Tools for the Job

Founder Benny Balistreri learned the craft of marble maintenance in Sicily, Italy and brought that knowledge to the U.S. over 25 years ago. Gold Star has become the go-to marble cleaning service for all of Broward county thanks to Benny’s insistence that no technician be sent on a marble cleaning project until thoroughly trained in the nuances of marble maintenance. Cleaning marble floors is not like cleaning tile or laminate surfaces.

The process starts with a resin diamond to remove stains and etching. The floor is then gently cleaned with a 5X compound that removes dirt and grime. Finally the floors are polished with a compound specifically formulated for marble that leaves that deep mirror appearance that is so attractive.

Marble flooring is not inexpensive. It deserves the same careful attention that you would give any other valuable asset. It deserves the years of experience that the professionals at Gold Star bring to the task.

When you need the absolute best in Boca Raton marble cleaning give us a call at 800-940-4782 and we will be happy to provide a quote and schedule a cleaning appointment convenient for you.