Miami Marble Cleaning Specialists

In Miami the smart homeowner or property manager calls the experts at Gold Star Cleaning when their marble flooring needs cleaning. Gold Star has been specializing in cleaning these surprisingly delicate floors for over 25 years. Owner Benny Balistreri learned the craft in Sicily, Italy and has applied that knowledge to build the premiere marble cleaning service in Miami.

Marble is beautiful and it gives off an image of strength, stability, exclusivity and permanence. For these very reasons marble is a popular flooring choice for many upscale homes as well as businesses and municipal buildings. However, marble has high calcium content and is susceptible to stains from acidic liquids (like a Florida Orange juice drink) and etching from something as ubiquitous as a grain of sand.

Caring for a marble floor is not like caring for tile and grout or a laminate. It takes a gentle touch.

Flooring experts recommend that marble floors be professionally cleaned and polished at least once a year, more frequently in high traffic commercial spaces. When the time comes to call an outside marble cleaning service, make the call to the marble cleaning service that Miami trusts; call Gold Star Cleaning.

Special Flooring – Special Care

One of the reasons for Gold Star’s success with marble cleaning is its commitment to thoroughly training its technicians and equipping them with the right tools and cleaning materials to do the job. This is a hallmark at GSC and explains their success with other difficult to clean materials like Persian rugs and leather.

Gold Star technicians start the marble cleaning process by identifying and removing stains, scratches and etchings. A resin diamond is used to smooth out the surface and remove surface stains. After the floor has been smoothed out a 5X compound is gently applied to remove the everyday dirt and grime that foot traffic lays down. The last step in bringing the marble floors back to original condition is a polishing with a compound specifically formulated for marble that leaves a lustrous, mirror like finish.

Your marble flooring is expensive and deserves the best of care. In Miami that means having the specialists at Gold Star clean and polish the tiles at least on an annual basis.

Give us a call at 800-940-4782 and we will be happy to provide a quote and schedule a cleaning appointment convenient for you.