Get The Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Boca Raton

When Boca Raton homeowners decide it’s time to clean their tile and grout flooring they have two options. They can spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing grout with a toothbrush, or they can call the experienced professional tile and grout service at Goldstar Cleaning. If you have tried cleaning the grout in your tile and grout flooring you already know how difficult, and frustrating, the process can be. You can spend a couple of hours scrubbing and still not get that dingy look to go away.

Just Do It!

That is a catchy tagline for Nike but it’s not always the smartest advice. Have you heard the old cliché “the right tool for the right job?” That advice more aptly fits the task of tile and grout cleaning. Consumers simply don’t have the best tools to take on this tough job.
Goldstar Cleaning service does.

In fact we have been providing guaranteed tile and grout cleaning to Boca Raton and South Florida for over 25 years. We have the experience, the trained technicians, the top of the line equipment, and most of all, the attitude that the customer is paramount to our service. Your floors aren’t clean until you say they’re clean.

Here’s what happens when you make an appointment with Goldstar Cleaning :

  • Our professional technician will arrive on time and introduce himself.
  • Next the technician will inspect the floor to be cleaned in order to determine the best commercial cleaning solution to use (not all tile and grout are the same).
  • The cleaning solution will be applied and allowed to sit.
  • While the solution is doing its thing, the technician will start up the truck mounted evacuator.
  • The evacuator provides the heat, aggressive scrubbing action and vacuuming power needed to reach down deep in the grout to extract the dirt, grit and grime.
  • Once the dirt has been removed, the evacuator is switched to vacuum only and the floors are left dry and shining.
  • A sealant is then added to give you long protection.

So go ahead, Just Do It, just call us today and arrange for a tile and grout cleaning for your floors. Your back and knees will be happy you did.