The Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Miami

When Miami homeowners with tile floors are in need of professional tile and grout cleaning, they call the service with over a quarter century experience. They call Goldstar Cleaning.

Focused on complete customer satisfaction, Goldstar technicians can make that unpleasant do it yourself experience involving scrubbing on your hands and knees a distant memory. Our Goldstar system will revive those dull or dingy tile floors and bring them back to a “like new” condition fast…guaranteed!

Attacking Dirt, Grime and Debris Where It Lives

Tile and grout floors are very popular in Miami and they are a nice fit for our tropical climate. But tile floors that are laid in areas where they can come into contact with moisture, like bathrooms and, to a lesser extent, kitchens can become dull and dingy thanks to the characteristics of grout.

Grout holds the tiles together but unlike most tiles, grout is porous. That means each time you mop a tile and grout floor you are pushing warm water and dirt over a material that actually absorbs both! Dirt doesn’t sit on top of grout; it is actually inside the grout!

If you have tried to clean grout by hand you know how difficult (and time consuming) it is. You simply don’t have the tools to percolate the dirt up and suck it away.
Goldstar Cleaning does.

When we arrive we inspect the flooring and determine the best cleaning solution to apply. While the solution is doing its job, the technician will fire up the truck mounted evacuator he’ll use to get the grit and grime where it lives, inside the grout.

The evacuator provides the steamy heat, powerful scrubbing action and industrial strength vacuuming that reaches the dirt and sucks it away. This system is fast, efficient and leaves your floors shining like new.

Your Miami Neighbors Use Us, You Should Too

You don’t last 25 years in this business unless you make people happy. Everything we do, from our front office to the actual cleaning is focused on satisfying our customers. Call us today for a tile and grout cleaning. You can count on us to deliver excellent results, guaranteed!