Revive Your Tile and Grout Floors in Pembroke Pines

Goldstar Cleaning is the leading choice for tile and grout cleaning among Pembroke Pines homeowners. When those beautiful tile floors take on a dull and dingy look, one call to Goldstar will bring a professional crew who will leave your tile and grout floors looking brand new…guaranteed!

Goldstar Cleaners has been serving the Pembroke Pines area for over 25 years cleaning tile and grout floors, granite, marble, terrazzo, oriental rugs, carpets and other flooring materials. We have the experience and equipment to bring your flooring and countertops back to life and we do it at an exceptionally competitive price.

The Tile and Grout Challenge

Have you ever tried cleaning your tile and grout floors yourself? Let’s rephrase that and ask have you ever successfully cleaned your tile and grout floors yourself? Dirty grout is double tough to clean. Mopping just doesn’t cut it; in fact it can make your grout even dirtier. That leaves you with the option of getting down on your hands and knees scrubbing the grout line with a toxic consumer tile cleaning product.

Not the best way to spend a Saturday morning in Pembroke Pines.

Grout is difficult to clean because of its porous nature. Dirt and debris does not sit on top of grout; it is actually absorbed into it. Scrubbing is sometimes enough to loosen the dirt but there is no guarantee which means all of your labor could be for nothing.

There is another way.

Give Your Knees a Break and Call a Tile and Grout Cleaning Professional

At Goldstar we’ve been doing this for customers in Pembroke Pines for over a quarter of a century. We know how to put a shine on your floor and a smile on your face.

When we arrive the technician will survey the floor to determine the type of tile and grout you have and then select the appropriate cleaning solution. The solution will be applied to the tile and given a few minutes to be absorbed.

While the cleaning solution is soaking, the technician will fire up the truck mounted “evacuator” in preparation to doing the heavy cleaning. The evacuator provides the heat, scrubbing action and powerful vacuuming action that releases the dirt from the tile and sucks the whole mess out to the tank on the truck. In minutes you’ll have a sparkling clean and dry tile floor.

Call us today and set an appointment to get your tile floors looking like new. You’ll be glad you did.